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Welcome to Godolphin

The Community Website for Godolphin Cross, Cornwall

Arts & Heritage

Our annual programme examines how the rich social, industrial and ecological history of Godolphin Cross and the surrounding area impacts upon the understanding and experience of Cornwall today.


We do this through a series of week-long festivals as well as a programme of workshops, walks, talks and meals for all ages that bring the community together and welcome people from around Cornwall and the South West to share ideas and learn new skills.

2023 - 2024 


Tinners Week

Each September in partnership with the National Trust we bring the history of the area to life with walks, talks, displays and evening events that explore everything from the discovery of china clay and the glory days of Great Work Mine to the tales of the locals who lived and worked the land.


The Counthouse Dinner

A historical re-enactment set in 1850s Godolphin.  It took place in The Kings Room and brought 20 ‘Victorians’ together for a reading of a fictional mine’s accounts and a feast celebrating the mine’s successes…as well as a grilling from the shareholders!


The Lantern Festival

Over the course of a month we create over 100 new lanterns out of willow and paper and parade from National Trust’s Godolphin House along footpaths.  There are opportunities for the village to get involved as well as workshops in partnership with Godolphin Cross Primary school and other schools in the area.


The Festival of Archaeology

In July 2023 we ran our first ever festival of archaeology which brought people from across the country to Godolphin Cross for a community training dig led by a team of expert archaeologists, prehistoric pottery workshops and a community celebration day which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to poor weather.


If you are interested in finding out more and getting involved with our events then email


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