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Welcome to Godolphin

The Community Website for Godolphin Cross, Cornwall

History Club

The focus is on exploring our local history.  The kind that is at risk, as the people and families who have memories, artefacts and distant links to that history have left or are getting very old and the more time passes, the more we stand to lose as a community.  We are taking the time to explore these stories thanks to the support of Historic England’s Everyday Heritage Fund.


We usually meet on the first Friday of the month so we can share ideas, collate research and make sure the stories of Godolphin Cross and the surrounding area don’t get lost! 


Together at History Club we want to learn new skills, uncover new stories and then work our research into different things. On top of this we have a free programme of talks and trips.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in email for more information.

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